Learn to love your body again, put a stop to “leaking” and enjoy exercise like you never imagined possible…
…By embracing your divine femininity through the fun and exotic art of belly dancing – EVEN if you’ve never danced before in your life!

PLEASE NOTE: What you’re about to discover is designed specifically for women 30+ who are tired of “traditional” workouts and want to have fun while strengthening their pelvic floor and eliminating leakage. If you would rather sit on an exercise bike, run for miles or pile into a crowded gym class, this program may not be right for you.

Alright Ladies

It’s time for a little woman-to-woman talk, just you and me… (tell your hubby or partner to scram for a hot second)

Ask Yourself This...

On a scale of 1 to 10, how in love with your body do you feel right now?

1 being… some days I feel like wearing a sack to cover myself…
And 10 being… if I could, I’d wear a bikini all day, everywhere…

Now, think back to HOW YOU USED TO FEEL. Say, 5, 10, 20 years ago.
If you’re like many of us women, there’s a BIG difference between now and then.

You’re definitely not on your own there, hun.

Especially those of us dealing with near-daily “leakage”.

Maybe you’re a loving momma who’s had multiple, energy-filled kids. 
Or, you’re seeing your body go through changes as you reach menopause or pre-menopause.

Wherever you’re at in life, just because your body has changed a little, your relationship with it and how you feel DOESN'T HAVE TO…

Most likely, you just want to feel sexy, feminine and healthy in your own skin again for the first time in who knows how long… 

Listen Carefully

Because I’m here to change your relationship with yourself, your body and bring the fun back into exercise… 

Your first, empowering step starts with being honest with yourself and asking if any of the following is holding you back from feeling confident and in love with your body

  • You shudder at the idea of working out in a crowded gym or class where you feel like everyone is watching you awkwardly contort yourself into uncomfortable positions.
  • ​You’ve been told to do Kegel exercises by doctors, physios and just about everyone else you talk to, but not only are they boring, you have no idea if you’re even doing them right!
  • ​You’re dealing with embarrassing “leaking” that leaves you afraid to cough, laugh or sneeze even just trying to be active, spontaneous and enjoy daily life is impossible because you’re always looking for the nearest bathroom. 
  • ​You’ve lost count of how many different workouts you’ve tried, from DVDs, to the latest exercise devices but they all feel like a chore and bore you to death (even when they seem to be working).
  • ​You’re realistically facing a future of wearing embarrassing pee pads that will play on your mind every minute of the day. Or worse, having to resort to risky, expensive surgery.
  • ​You’re a little “softer” around the midsection after having kids than you used to be, through no real fault of your own.

Above all else, somewhere along the line, for some reason, you stopped feeling confident, healthy and positive about your body… perhaps even experiencing moments of shame and guilt.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, it’s all too common for women like you and me to feel this way as our bodies change… 

But what if there was a simple way to solve the unwanted problems “down there”, feel more positive in your skin and relearn to love yourself (and life) again by helping you… 

#1: Build life-powering pelvic floor strength

When your pelvic floor is strong, the rest of your health has an amazing way of all coming together. Strengthen the center of your womanly health, returning it to where it was years ago, without confusing exercises.

#2: Put a stop to embarrassing “leaking” once and for all

Start living life again without the constant worry of leaking. Prevent the progression of minor leaking or get rid of it altogether. Yes, there is such a thing as regaining perfect bladder control!

#3: Tighten up your midsection and flatten your belly

Build a foundation of strength through a practice that strengthens your core and tones your stomach in a healthy, loving way that makes you stronger and happier in daily life.

#4: Exercise in a way that works for you (and makes you happy)

Work out in a way that motivates, energizes and makes you smile. It’s your long overdue “Me Time”. A beautiful moment each day that nestles into your life seamlessly – and that you look forward to.

#5: Get more movement and “flow” into your body

Rediscover the amazing feeling of being limber and flexible. Build an inner awareness of your body and fall in love with exercise in a way you didn’t think possible. Never again utter the words “I hate working out”!

#6: Feel sexy, feminine and regain your “Goddess Energy”

Re-energize yourself with increased confidence and self-esteem by more deeply connecting with your feminine energy. It’s an almost indescribable feeling every woman deserves to always carry with her.

Most of all, experience the freedom and ability to get back to doing all the things you love without restriction…

…And do it in a way that is not only fun but doesn’t require you to set foot in a gym…

When it feels like you’ve tried everything and you’re running out of hope, sometimes a solution just falls into your lap...
It was just an ordinary Sunday afternoon when I taught my belly dance class at the local gym...

Class had just finished and everyone was gathering their things and heading out of the room.

One of my regular students came up to me and said with a huge smile on her face, "I have something to tell you".
Clearly I could tell she was excited, and now I was excited too to hear what she had to say...

I’ll never forget what she said next…
""Since I've been coming to belly dance class my leakage and incontinence is GONE

She was surprised, elated and I could see the relief on her face.

Remarkably, after years, the problem was gone. For good.

She could get back to her life and the things she loved, going out with friends on a whim and being active again without fear of an embarrassing “accident”.

Witnessing this incredible life change filled me with happiness and pride. 

And what came next surprised me even more… 

She was just the first of many of my students who told me stories just like this, one after the other...

I knew I had stumbled onto a solution that women everywhere had been crying out for.... and that I had to make it my mission to help other women just like you!

So, if you’re searching for a way to end your embarrassing leakage and exercise in a way that feels amazing and makes you actually WANT to do it…. You’re in the perfect place.

hi, i'm jennifer
I've been a professional belly dance instructor and performer for 14 years.
Ever since the first shake of my belly, I knew how incredible belly dancing made me feel. 
But it took my inspiring students to help me fully realize the power of this beautiful art form to heal the body, mind and spirit.
One by one, many of my students over the years used to pull me aside and tell me things like…
“You won’t believe it, my leaking has stopped altogether…”
“My pelvic floor and midsection hasn’t been this strong for years…”
“I’ve rediscovered a love with my body that was long gone…”
I get goose bumps just thinking about the stories I’ve heard!
Now, being a qualified acupuncturist and personal trainer as well as a professional belly dancer, I knew these results weren’t a fluke. They were far too consistent and common for that.
And this got me thinking… 
What if I could help more women all over the world (and not just those in my classes) experience a life free from embarrassing leakage and feel healthier in mind and body through the almost mystic art of belly dance…

So, imagine this for a moment… what would life be like if you could have the same success my belly dance students had?

Think of a near future where…

The thought of leaking wouldn't constantly be in the back of your mind.

You would feel free to do what you want, when you want- without worry or stress.

You would be back in control of your body and regain your confidence and self-esteem.




and so much more!...

I saw my students' lives change because of belly dancing with my own eyes, but I needed to delve deeper to be sure it was all true…

so first, i did my research
Now, many women (including my students) do belly dance simply for the joy of it and to have fun exercising. 
This alone is a smart decision and motivation enough.
But for those looking to end leakage, I knew I needed to delve deeper...
After hearing my students’ stories about solving “leakage” and regaining control of every aspect of their health by attending my belly dance class, I hit the books. 
I literally scoured every medical publication and scientific journal I could find. 
I spent hours researching the pelvic floor muscles and analyzed which belly dance movements were most effective for strengthening the pelvic floor. 
What I discovered is nearly every woman wants a stronger pelvic floor. That’s not the issue
The problem is, most women don't want to have to do tiring, boring Kegel exercises day after day that are needed to increase pelvic floor strength. 
Almost always because they have a hard time identifying where the muscles are!
then i had an epiphany and it all made sense...
Belly Dance: An Ancient Dance To Prepare Women For Childbirth...
Many people think that one of the ancient roots of belly dance is a ritual dance that prepared women for childbirth by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles...
Now, history can sometimes be controversial. 
But unlike history about a far-off war that happened 150 years ago, it’s actually possible to prove the history of belly dance today.

All you need to do is regularly practice belly dance and you’ll experience the “ancient roots” of it firsthand and know the truth for yourself...

...you’ll quickly discover why so many women (including belly dancers) have successfully prepared for childbirth and postpartum recovery by belly dancing...

i was all but convinced, and then i hit the jackpot with an unexpected surprise...
a scientific study on belly dance & incontinence
A happy accident led me to discover a study in The Journal of Physical Therapy Science.
I almost couldn’t believe it at first... 
Among the millions of scientific studies in the world, someone had done a study on the EXACT thing I was trying to prove myself. 
To say I was shocked is an understatement. Even better, it was featured in such a reputable journal!
And what the study revealed was astonishing… It proved beyond doubt that belly dance is highly effective in relieving incontinence. 
Amazingly, in my search for answers, I had stumbled upon a study that backed up all my instincts.
It was clear: Science supported what my students were already experiencing – and had been telling me about for years.
Remarkably, these scientific studies proved without question that belly dance can increase pelvic floor strength and relieve the symptoms of urinary incontinence.

Finally, I took all this research and my firsthand experience and created my signature method...

After hours of research and putting it all together with how belly dance originated, I had an incredible realization…
My belly dance students had eliminated incontinence and strengthened their pelvic floor by accident just by doing the belly dance movements and having fun!
Best of all, unlike kegels, they didn't need to know where the muscles were. They just needed to do the belly dance movements! Poof! Magic!
As a result of my research and analysis I came up with my signature program that is based on the Core 5 Belly Dance Movements for strengthening the pelvic floor.
But I didn't want this program to be only about strengthening the pelvic floor, I wanted it to be fun! 
So, I combined The Core 5 Belly Dance Movements into belly dance combinations so you can experience the joy of dancing AND get a great workout at the same time! No more boring Kegel exercises!
The Belly Dance Solution

If you have always dreamt of belly dancing, but thought you had to go to nerve-racking classes or go and live in Morocco, then this program is for you….

No matter your age, size, dance or fitness level you will have a blast belly dancing in the privacy of your home while you strengthen your pelvic floor and relieve your leaky bladder for good.

WHAT's included
the belly dance solution
20 On-Demand, “Watch-and-Learn” Video Modules
Step inside the virtual dance classroom of...
The Most Effortlessly Effective Online Belly Dance Training For 
Strengthening The Pelvic Floor

Get access to my exclusive signature method for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles using the Core Five Belly Dance movements. 

These are the exact movements my students use to eliminate leakage and tighten their midsection. And they are available to you for the first time ever.

Plus, these videos reveal fun and easy belly dance movements and combinations so you can instantly enjoy the fun of belly dancing – even if you’re just getting started. 

Why these videos are a must see…

  • Learn scientifically-backed movements for strengthening your pelvic floor based on real, peer-reviewed science that could save you from ever having to do another kegel exercise in your life!
  • Dramatically help reduce urinary incontinence frequency and severity with a specifically designed method for strengthening your pelvic floor in little-known yet amazingly effective ways.
  • Go from “nervous beginner” to self-assured belly dancer with easy to learn belly dancing techniques that will give you the confidence to dance in front of your hubby, partner or even complete strangers!
  • Revitalize your overall health naturally without drugs or surgery by returning strength to your pelvic floor and midsection in a way that transforms your whole-body health and fitness.
  • Discover new levels of confidence and self-esteem by reconnecting with your divine femininity and feel sexy again through the exotic art of belly dance.
  • ​Save potentially $1000s in unnecessary medical visits & short-term solutions by finally finding long-lasting, effective relief from a leaky bladder without constant trips to the doctor or buying baskets full of products from the drug store! 

Plus so much more...

Each video is quick, easy-to-learn and available 24/7 on-demand from your laptop, smartphone or tablet so you can start and master belly dancing from your home on your own time.

20 quick & Easy audio practice drills

“Like‌ ‌having‌ ‌your‌ ‌own‌ ‌personal‌ ‌tutor‌ ‌guiding‌ ‌you‌ ‌directly‌ ‌from‌ ‌your‌ ‌smartphone…‌”

  • Constant‌ ‌practice‌ ‌is‌ ‌the‌ ‌key‌ ‌to‌ ‌fast‌ ‌progress‌ ‌and‌ ‌getting‌ ‌long-lasting‌ ‌results.‌ ‌With‌ my ‌quick‌ ‌and easy‌ “on the go” ‌mp3‌ ‌audio‌ ‌practice‌ ‌drills‌ you can ‌fit‌ ‌in‌ ‌your‌ ‌belly‌ ‌dance‌ ‌practice‌ ‌anywhere,‌ ‌anytime.‌
  • In‌ ‌each‌ ‌5‌ ‌to‌ ‌10-minute‌ ‌drill,‌ ‌I‌ ‌will‌ ‌personally‌ ‌guide‌ ‌you‌ ‌through‌ ‌belly‌ ‌dance‌ ‌movements‌ ‌that‌ ‌will‌ ‌strengthen‌ ‌your‌ ‌core‌ ‌and‌ ‌get‌ ‌you‌ ‌dancing‌ ‌like‌ ‌you‌ ‌have‌ ‌been‌ ‌doing‌ ‌it‌ ‌for‌ ‌years.‌ ‌
  • ​This personal learning style is the most effective way to learn belly dancing -- I should know, it’s the exact method I have used with 1000s of my students!
"The belly dance secrets" ebook

“Possibly the most comprehensive guide ever written on belly dancing”

  • The truth is, there are so many hidden secrets and treasures about belly dance that are tightly kept in belly dancing circles.
  • ​I’ve taken what I’ve learned over 20+ years dancing, teaching 1000s of students and working with the best belly dancers in the world and compiled it into this single, easy-to-read book.
  • I’m literally giving you complete access to everything I know in one page-turning guide. If you’re looking for this book on Amazon, you won’t find it. This is the only place you can get your hands on it!
For a Limited Time, I have 7 incredible fREE bonus gifts valued at $229
That Will Sweeten This Already Massively Discounted Deal… 

Act today, and all these exclusive bonuses are yours…

your exclusive bonuses...
The "Daily Shimmy Guide" Blueprint for Success 

($37 Value)

Make achieving your every goal as easy as can be with my 
"Daily Shimmy Guide” Blueprint for Success. This 21-day personal plan walks you through which video to watch and what to practice – never lose motivation or get lost! 

  • Fun, doable and easy to fit into your daily schedule
  • Get a daily plan for exactly which video to watch and what to practice next
  • ​A beautiful printable calendar to put on your fridge for daily inspiring motivation!
  • ​My special guide, “10 Ways To Stay Motivated, Inspired & Consistent With Your Belly Dance Practice.”
  • A ​long term success plan that sets your foundation for lifelong pelvic floor strength. 
The "Queens of Belly Dance"YouTube Playlist

($27 Value)

Learn to belly dance with help from amazing teachers from all over the world… with my "Queens of Belly Dance" YouTube Playlist! 

This inspiring hand-picked playlist features hours of video from the belly dancers I myself look up to. 

These 20+ videos prove once and for all that belly dancing is for women of all shapes, sizes and ages. Be prepared to be inspired…

belly dance practice "on the go" cheat sheets

($27 Value)

My “On the Go” cheat sheets make learning easier and FAR more effective by showing you in full color detail how to practice each move and combination. 

Use it to keep your practice going away from home. No trying to remember everything by heart… It’s like having all the answers for an exam paper! 

Combine this with the audio lessons for the ultimate interactive learning experience!

"beats from the east" private spotify playlist

($27 Value)

Don’t get misled by the music out there that claims to be “belly dance”. 

Get a 100% authentic and fun belly dancing experience with my private “Beats from the East” playlist featuring over 2 hours of  songs. 

This is the exact music professional belly dancers use. (Exclusively for your ears only, please no sharing with anyone!)

Hip Scarf DIY & Vetted Vendor List

($27 Value)

A hip scarf with coins that jingle makes you feel like an exotic queen and helps you dance better by seeing and feeling every belly dance movement!

Discover how to make your very own, authentic hip scarf and get introduced to my carefully vetted list of vendors for the finest quality materials!

Plus, access two must-watch videos that reveal how to choose the right hip scarf for you and how to properly wear a hip scarf. 

The Expert Interview Vault

($47 Value)

Google can’t always be trusted when it comes to treating your leakage and incontinence! That’s why I sat down one-on-one with five top pelvic floor and incontinence experts to get answers and solutions to your most pressing questions. 

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn…

  • What most doctors aren't telling you about solving your leaking fast AND naturally!
  • ​How your hormones are silently making your leaking worse-and how to get them under control.
  • ​The true story about an American woman who defied medical opinions and reclaimed her life by healing her leakage in just 12 weeks!
  • ​​Why Kegels can actually make your problem worse if you have a very common type of pelvic issue (there’s a good chance you do!)

...And so much more!!!

The Ultimate Natural Remedies Guide

($37 Value)

At one point or another a doctor has probably offered you risky, synthetic drugs for your leakage! But better health is rarely at the bottom of a pill bottle… 

Based on my combined 14+ years as a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and personal trainer this guide reveals natural healing and nutrition strategies that can help stop leaking without devastating side effects, drugs or invasive surgery! 

The Belly Dance Solution
*Complete Program Bundle*
  • The Belly Dance Solution Method - 20 Videos ($297 Value)
  • Quick & Easy Audio Practice Drills ($37 Value)
  • ​"The Belly Dance Secrets" eBook ($27 Value)
Plus The Limited Time Bonuses...
  • The "Daily Shimmy Guide" Blueprint For Success ($37 value)
  • ​The "Queens of Belly Dance" YouTube Playlist ($27 Value)
  • The "Beats of The East" Private Spotify Playlist ($27 Value)
  • ​The Belly Dance Cheat Sheets ($27 value)
  • ​DIY Belly Dance Hip Scarf & Vendor List ($27 value)
  • Expert Interview Vault ($47 value)
  • The Ultimate Natural Remedies Guide ($34 value)
(Includes Lifetime Access)

The way I see it, money shouldn’t be the thing that stops you from regaining your health and feeling amazing again…

I have put together the most insane deal for you today because I want it to be an absolute no-brainer for you...

Now, any big time CEO will probably tell me this is no way to run a business…

You know what? That doesn’t bother me. I’m in this to help as many women as possible feel sexy and feminine again.

But, remember, this is only for a limited time because I can't keep this low price forever and I'll have to bring it back to market value...

So, take advantage today while it's at this low low price and you can still get all those amazing bonuses for FREE.

Take Action Now, Because When It's Gone, It's Gone!

My Zero Risk “Feeling Feminine & Free” Guarantee

 If you Aren't 100% Satisfied, I will give you a 100% Hassle-Free Refund.

If you purchase today and if for any reason you don’t believe my program strengthens your pelvic floor, prevents leakage and is overwhelmingly enjoyable, I will refund your money in full within 30 days.

That means you get 30 days from your date of purchase to evaluate the program and decide if it's right for you. If you're anything but 100% thrilled, just email me and I will give you a full and complete refund, no hassles and no hard feelings.

it's time to start living your life free of constraints and get back to doing all the things you love. give it 30-days and see for yourself. take advantage of this special price and get started today!

Now, you may be thinking that…

You don’t consider yourself a dancer…

You have never tried to dance before…

You feel embarrassed and awkward when you dance…

You lack the coordination to dance…

But know this… 

Belly dancing is a beautiful art form that anyone can learn.

And the way I teach it, there’s no pressure to perform in front of people. No tests or getting judged like it’s a competition.

Instead, you will get encouragement to dance every day in a way that makes you feel relaxed and at ease.

All from the privacy of your own lounge room, bedroom or anywhere else you feel comfortable doing it! A safe place where no can see you – unless you want them to, that is!

The Belly Dance Solution
*Complete Program Bundle*
  • The Belly Dance Solution - 20 Videos ($297 Value)
  • Quick & Easy Audio Practice Drills ($37 Value)
  • ​"The Belly Dance Secrets" eBook ($27 Value)
Plus The Limited Time Bonuses...
  • ​​The "Daily Shimmy Guide" Blueprint For Success ($37 value)
  • ​The "Queens of Belly Dance" YouTube Playlist ($27 Value)
  • The "Beats of The East" Private Spotify Playlist ($27 Value)
  • ​The Belly Dance Cheat Sheets ($27)
  • ​DIY Belly Dance Hip Scarf & Vendor List ($27)
  • Expert Interview Vault ($47 value)
  • ​​The Ultimate Natural Remedies Guide ($34 value)
(Includes Lifetime Access)
I have no dance experience, is this program for me?
I designed this program for absolute beginners, so if you have no dance experience, no problem! I've been a belly dance instructor for 14+ years and my special superpower is making belly dance approachable and fun for everyone!
Is this program low-impact and easy on the joints?
Belly Dance is completely no-impact and is the perfect exercise and dance form for people who are recovering from injury or have limited mobility. But as always, feel free to modify the movements for what feels best for you!
How long before I see results?
Improvement in your frequency and severity of bladder leakage is a process and will happen over time. Just like strengthening any muscle, it takes time. I recommend recording your baseline symptoms before you begin the program and then track results week by week. It's important to practice for at least 10 minutes a day, longer for best results. The key is improvement over time but maximum results may take a few months. 
I don't have a "belly dancer body", is this program right for me?
There's a huge misconception about belly dance that it's only for women that are thin. This is ridiculous! Belly dancing is for EVERY woman, regardless of size. It's one of the things I love about it!
Can men do this program?
Of course! Despite what many people think, men suffer from incontinence too and also have pelvic floor muscles:-). Belly dance is completely an equal opportunity dance, open to all ages, sizes and genders. In fact, some of the most well regarded belly dancers in the world are men!
What if it doesn't work?
I'm 100% confident that if you do the movements and practice consistently you will see a dramatic improvement. The scientific study on belly dance and incontinence and the real experience of women shows this to be true. But if you don't like it for any reason, just ask for a full refund!

P.S. Right here, today, can be the moment you can regain the feeling of being sexy, feminine and in love with your body that’s rightfully yours…

One last thing…

Ask yourself for a moment… what have you been missing out on in life due to not feeling confident, worrying about leakage and not embracing your femininity?

Really think about it. 

All the things you’ve missed out on like social events, being active in the outdoors or playing sport. Even just being able to be happy in daily life…

Today, you can make a decision to finally escape all this. To experience the joy and freedom that belly dancing can provide.

All it takes is one simple, clear-headed decision to say “enough is enough” and you can reclaim the freedom that comes with feeling in touch with your body. 

Remember, it is 100% risk free. 

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